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LoveSpots Cattery's goals and dedication to the breed are, genetic health and personality first, big size and clear distinctive spots second, along with ear tuffs and natural bob tails. We hope you enjoy the wild exotic look and size of the Desert Lynx as much as we do.

Our cats are more like dogs.. they come to us when called, they follow us around inside and outside the house, even play "fetch". They are people loving and affectionate cats. Our kit's are all hand raised in the house.

We feel we have used the best bloodlines we could find in the Pixie-Bobs, American Lynx, American Bobtails, Manx, Maine Coon, and Bob Cat in the original creation of the breed.

We hope you enjoy the web site and we look forward to your comments, and possibly to you becoming another "lover" of the Desert Lynx!

Arlene Magrino -- Owner and
President of the International Desert Lynx Cat Association

The Desert Lynx is a unique breed. The IPCBA registered Desert Lynx does not contain any of the breeds used in the making of the Highland Lynx, which is known for registering and selling their straight eared kittens as Desert Lynx with other registrys.   Although breeders of the Highland Lynx claim to use the Desert Lynx in their breed, what they actually use are the straight eared Highland Lynx.
If you are looking for a Desert Lynx, ask the breeder if the cat or kitten is registered with the IPCBA. If not and the cat or kitten is registered with REFR or another registry then what you are buying is a throw away straight eared Highland Lynx. Usually you will find that a breeder will claim to breed both the Desert Lynx and the Highland Lynx, but what they are doing is simply breeding the Highland Lynx and registering their straight eared Highland Lynx with a registry that will register any cat as what ever the breeder wants to call their cats. The IPCBA will verify every cat that is registered with them to insure you are getting what you pay for.
The use of the Bengal cat, Jungle Curl, or any other curled ear cat is forbidden in the true Desert Lynx cat. The use of these breeds make for a different temperament and look of the cat.. The only long tailed cat that was allowed in the making of Desert Lynx was the Maine Coon cat, we have other breeds that were allowed in the beginning as well. The breeds used to create the Desert Lynx in the beginning are the Maine Coon, Manx, Pixie Bob and the American Lynx. All but the Maine Coon are a natural bob tailed breed, containing no oriental blood.
Just because a recipe contains tomatoes, doesn't make it Lasagna. To be sure you are getting a true Desert Lynx ask before you buy.

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