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John wrote:


Thought I would send you a quick note on the boys. They're doing well and both growing quickly. Their personalities have further developed... Bledsoe is still bigger and more outgoing. Brady is just a little bit smaller. He darts to a favorite hiding space whenever he hears a loud noise. Last night's fireworks sent him packing.

Bledsoe is the trouble-maker, and I say that with affection. He acts much more dog-like. Bledsoe comes when I call him, is constantly playful, and rarely spends the day sleeping (like most cats I've seen... and Brady). He also has a powerful nose. I've been forced to constantly move their food from room-to-room and cabinet-to-cabinet, because Bledsoe sniffs it out, then claws and paws the doors til he gets to it.

At any rate, just thought I'd let you know that they're doing fine.

Patti wrote:

I haven't written to you in a while but I wanted to write and let you know how Boo was doing. I got her from you about a year or so ago.

She is doing awesome, and my husband really loves her. Remember he didn't like her because she was a big scardy at first.

She has taken over the house and was putting the run on the dogs. They stay clear of her!!

I can't thank you enough for her. She is something else.


Julie wrote:

Hi from Michigan, Arlene!

From Max and Beast as well as me, hello! How are you doing out there? 
The boys are great, learning all about the world and so fun to watch and love. They have settled in to a routine and seem extremely happy and well adjusted. They eat like pigs and although Beast is loooong and rangey-looking, Max remains very tough and compact. I'd guess Beast is about 8 1/2 lbs. now whereas Max is 7 1/2 lbs, -- him I weighed yesterday. 
Beast is developing a good deal of reddish brown orange type color around his face; he is just spectacular. Max's spots have darkened and he has the most intriguing coat! His symmetry is unbelievable. We think they are both just absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
They go outside in their cages, but prefer to run free. We're with them and watching as they do this -- back & forth in the yard, watching the deer and so forth. They stay pretty close -- so far. I am always aware that their hormones could make them want to wander, so we walk with them. They like it best when they get lots of burrs in their fur.
Let me know how everyone out there is doing; send any recent photos you may have and we will do the same from here. How are Tika & Smooth Talker doing? OK I hope. As you can tell, I'd love any news.
Take care


Julia wrote:

Hi Arlene,

Babies are in great shape this morning: Both little boys are soooo sweet, sweet. Feather is the most trusting soul. He could lay purring forever when I comb him. You certainly deserve the highest praise for socialization, good socialization is forever. You are, I know and absolutely should be, very proud of these babies. They are beautiful in every way.

They will work in fine, still a little hesitant around the towering dogs. But they are very comfortable with my 4 mo old Savannah (he's showing them the ropes).

Mr. Big Stuff, is whopping. How much does he weigh and what's the diameter of that table? If anyone adopts the babies here, it may well be my 20+ pound, 2 year old F1 Fishing Cat hybrid.

Both babies are in the kitchen with tons of food and water, toys, and a snuggly bed. The door is lattice and they can squeeze thru with no trouble into the hallway if they want to. I'm in my office just across the hall and can hear anything going on in there.

I know you miss them. But rest assured, they have a very good home. This morning, they even had freshly steamed "Jennio's" extra lean ground turkey.

I will give Poppy and Feather kisses from you. I didn't know that I would instantly love them as much as I do.

Amber wrote:

Thank you so much!! Our baby is great! We named her Lexx. She is doing very well & Mike (the Russian blue) loves her - he is cuddling up with her at night and giving her lots of baths! She has such a wonderful temperament - not as spazzy like most kittens. We will send pictures as she grows!

Thanks again


Mike wrote:



SHE IS BEAUTIFUL! She is exactly what we wanted. What a doll! Our new arrival is doing wonderful. She is now taking a well deserved nap. That is for now... After all my three kids (5 years, 4 years, and 7 months) can't hardly keep their grubby little hands off of her. Thank's again for everything!



Jane wrote:

Hello Arlene,

Just an update for you. Natasha was spayed last Friday with no problems. She stayed at the vets overnight, and when she came home she was extra "clingy". Naturally we didn't mind holding her even more than usual. I don't think she liked her first night away from people and her brother. She felt great though, and when not sitting on us, she was running and playing like usual.

Ivan (the snow leopard) has an amazing personality. Jack has had his computer out of service while upgrading it, but he is finished and will e-mail you some pictures soon. He is so round and fluffy, and breaks into loud purring if you even look at him.

Boris (clouded leopard) is even more beautiful now, and has the sweetest disposition. When I pick him up he just goes limp and purrs - he's like a big rag doll.

I guess it's time to quit singing praises of the kitties and get to work.


Erick and Julie wrote:

Dear Arlene,

This is the young couple Julie and Erick, now with a healthy, happy, baby girl named Zoe. We adopted the young cat, Toughie, last spring and just want to let you know how much a part of the family she's become. It's too bad that not all babies are as well behaved as she is... Anyways we call her Selma most of the time and love her as part of the family, in fact everyone loves her, even friends of ours who hate cats! She comes from a great breed of cat indeed.




Dana and Kathy wrote:


My computer crashed and I lost your personal email address. I hope this gets to you. Click on this website to see pictures of Samson. He is getting big. He is the coolest cat I have ever seen and handled!! If we had room we would buy another one from you. He is so personable that he cries if you don't pick him up when you come home. He follows us around every where we go and we have to be careful not to trip over him. He is fearless and enjoys chasing the vacuum cleaner, mop, broom. He is a real pleasure to have around. Keep up the good work.


Nan wrote:

Hi Arlene-

Just thought I'd let you know Giz was in for his shot this week and another nail clipping. He weighs 3#1 ounces. Gets his rabies shot in January. Everyone at the vet's is totally in love with him, and all must hold, cuddle and kiss him. My daughter and son-in-law are in love

with him too. He is so cute, but what a little temper he has - and has no fear of anything.

I haven't forgotten about pictures - have just been busy as heck getting ready for the holidays-as I sure you have.

Giz is walking around with a toy mouse hanging out of his mouth at the moment. I really thank you for letting us have him-couldn't have gotten a better kitty anywhere!


Carmen wrote:

Hi Arlene,

I really hope everything is o.k. With for me and Phoebe (kitten) and everyone else in the family we are great, Phoebe is such a love she has brought so much joy to our lives....she is quite entertaining, she keeps us laughing all the time....Even people who "don't like cats" fall in love with her....well I just wanted you to know she is much loved!

April wrote:

Good Morning. I just wanted to let you know how our Baby Doll is doing. She comes running when I get home from work now. She loves her tummy rubbed and she loves to play with her toys. I've come up with two names to submit for her. Our first choice is Crystal Blue Persuasion (Crystal) or Miss Behaving (Missy). She sure is a pretty girl. She seems to like my old dog. I'll keep in touch and let you know how she's doing as time goes on.



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