Having a tremendous love for animals is what I feel makes the best breeders. I have bred animals for 40 years. My family was with Ringling Brothers Circus, so as a child I spent a lot of time with all sorts of animals. I have a deep love and respect for them.

The idea for the Desert Lynx came to me when I realized how many people wanted exotic cats, but didn't have a clue how to raise or care for them. Unfortunately these magnificent creatures wind up in rescues. So I decided there must be a way to give people a bigger than average, wild, exotic looking cat with a wonderful domestic personality that they can live with.

Our Desert Lynx are a combination of exotic looking cats with a dog-like personality. They are extremely people loving, loyal, sometimes overly affectionate personality. They come to you when you call them, follow you around , and even enjoy playing fetch with you. Some have even been known to take a bath or shower with their people!

I have always loved the look of the native American Bobcat and Lynx, but love the temperament of the native feral Manx . I feel the perfect balance has been achieved with the Desert Lynx. In the beginning, I used a mixture of Bobcat, feral Manx, Maine Coon, American Lynx and Pixie-Bob to create the Desert Lynx.

The main breeding goal at LoveSpots cattery is genetic health and personality first, then big clear spots, with ear tuffs, and natural bob tails coming next. All kittens are raised in the house as part of the family.

My cat's and kit's are all registered with IPCBA as a domestic breed. As a judge for the IPCBA and as President of the International Desert Lynx Cat Association, I feel my reputation is on the line to breed the finest Desert Lynx cats available.

You do not need a license to own a Desert Lynx. They eat cat food; mine are raised on "Chicken Soup" brand cat and kitten food. Their vaccinations are the same as any other cat.

I usually have several litters a year in order to keep up with the demand. The Desert Lynx is the fastest growing cat breed in America, and is truly the breed of the Millennium. From time to time I also have older spayed females available to special homes.

The color's range from Snow Leopards to Blue Leopards, Silver Leopards, Chocolate Leopards, Copper/Ebony Leopards, Marbles, and rare Clouded Leopards. Polydactals, and occasional long hair as well. The prices vary as much as the colors, so call or email for information.

I ship around the world.

I hope you enjoy my web site and my "babies".


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